Full names often consist of three Chinese characters. Customers who bought videos directed by Zhang Feng also bought videos by these directors: Wudi won the honor because she was a spokeswoman for ordinary people and symbolized how a poor person could succeed in society. Posted 17 March – At first, the other secretaries seem to shun Wudi, but after Wudi has a clumsy mishap at a restaurant the other women invite her to have lunch with them, and they soon make her a member of the Chou Nu Ju Le Bu Ugly Girl’s Club. Still reeling from her discovery of Denan’s betrayal, Wudi decides to throw away all of the mementos he gave her. Despite the first season’s strong ratings, the producers decided to respond to some criticism by making changes based upon the results of online polls. All registered users could then vote to narrow the results.

Please reload the page and try again. Lin Wu Di is a very intelligent and good-natured grad student who can’t secure a job interview due to her ugly appearance. Because of her family’s financial problems, she has no choice but to forge ahead and continue sending out resumes. It is also common for these sites to provide the person’s blood type. Due to the popularity of Disney’s High School Musical franchise, producers of “Chou Nu Wu Di” decided to give the series a musical format during the third season, and they brought back season one director Zhang Feng to guide the cast again. Comics In Japanese In Chinese. Georgia’s ” Gogona Gareubnidan ” was another “Betty” adaptation that pointedly de-gayed all of its characters.

Still, the ever-optimistic girl believes that she’ll meet an appreciative boss one day. They also recast the role of Adaier, because Gu Xuan had scheduling conflicts.

The trendiest Korean dramas nowadays ubly have the hero falling in love with the girl who embarrasses him. The mission was China’s third manned space launch. Posted 19 March – By using our website, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

She appeared on American television in an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” in which Tyra Banks brought the wannabe models to China and gave them a challenge in which they had to dress as the four great beauties of Chinese history: Anxi’s brother, Li Anrui, is upset because he was the other candidate for the position, and his own sister voted in favor of her filandering boyfriend instead of her own flesh and blood.


In fact, the funny, romantic, and sometimes touching story of an unattractive but good-natured girl has won over audiences around the world with dozens of remakes made in different languages.

It was pretty good. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience uggly the custom features of our site, including the ability to wuei a purchase. Kung Fu Pandanot only to make the show more topical, but also to keep a steady barrage of ugpy jokes flowing, as is done in the Scary Movie franchise.

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Li Anrui framed Wudi and got her arrested. Comedy, romance Broadcast network: Customers who bought videos directed by Zhang Feng seasom bought videos by these directors: He thinks that she is going to commit suicide, so he runs to stop her, but he trips and falls into the water.

One month after the March 5, series finale, a public event on April 8 commemorated the two years that “Chou Nu Wu Di” captivated viewers. One of Wudi’s friends at IDEA ; wealthy woman who works as a secretary because she’s bored; starts out as the secretary of the company’s Finance Director, Chu Guoliang, but she eventually becomes Lin Wudi’s secretary; Sulei’s husband is not seen until the fourth season.

Still reeling from her discovery of Denan’s betrayal, Wudi decides to throw away all of the mementos he gave her. Ugly Wudi, or “Chou Nu Wu Di,” centers on the career of Lin Wudi, a finance graduate who had been struggling to find a job before she joined Concept, a well-known advertisement company. Fans were asked to write compositions in which they conveyed what “Chou Nu Wu Di” meant to them.

Wannabe wudj who is having an affair with Luo Lan’s husband, Fu Xin. With both favorable and critical reviews, the next season of Ugly Wudi is scheduled to be filmed in April. Early inan online polling contest was devised in order to determine who would be cast to portray the man who would weason to win Wudi’s love during the third season, after Denan breaks her heart. Before “Chou Nu Wu Di” even premiered, HunanTV found itself at the center of a national debate over media reform and commercialization.


This topic has been archived. He goes to meet her in a park and he sees her standing on a rock above the lake. It reported that the show rated second nationwide among the television series played at the ubly time-slot. And Song Zuying’s sister guest stars, with braided hair.

The third season opening theme was called “Fang Qing Song” “Relax”. Collectibles Japanese Korean Chinese. Series Development Unlike most previous official versions of the Betty story, “Chou Nu Wu Di” does not take place at a fashion house or a glossy magazine.

The season ended on September 24,with a total of 52 episodes. Beijing, Chaoyang; Musical Language: Posted 23 March – Instead, each season lasted around one month, and the seasons did not all contain the same number of episodes.

Sign in to rate and write review Write a Review. The workplace on ” Gogona Gareubnidan “, the Georgian adaptation of “Ugly Betty”also featured a similar reception area. Search Keywords The following keywords are associated seawon this product.

丑女无敌 Ugly Wu Di / The Ugly Girl is Matchless (2009)

What started out, within the past couple decades, as a gesture of goodwill for tourists who visit China in December has taken hold throughout the country’s major urban centers and has become an important commercial event. The finale aired on March 5, wwudi, but the episode did not conclude with a dramatic makeover or a wedding for Wudi, just a marriage proposal from Denan, who knelt down in front of Wudi to ask her to marry him, widi the entire IDEA staff looked on.

Comics In Japanese In Chinese.

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