In the blood goes. It gets her a mighty slap, though, from the fuming congressman. Jo is still intent on the case, though, and shows the team his workaround: But I might take a whirl with something a little lighter before I dive in. Lee Won Jong Main Cast. Wow this is exciting I loved season1.

I loved how the characters grew from the previous season too! Hm, does she know something? On to the report: Thank you SO much for the recap Clearly the contact is suggesting that the two fell off the bridge and died, but Tae-yeon answers that they may still be alive—and killing. Now, that is some flirty bantering, if you ask me. Grandfather yells in pain, and sits straight up, hissing and grunting. The team has enough pieces to narrow down the victim and hunt him down.

Bad Guys The Fangirl Verdict. You work for fun? Congressman Yoo is barraged by the press for a quote, but he turns them away coldly.

I also liked his gal a lot. Just get it subbed super quick, yes, dramagods? Audrey September 9, at I thought this was an interesting touch by the writers.

Soon-bum returns to the crime scene with a team to collect clues.

They watch in horror at the live feed and try to trace its location, but it pulls up three locations—two redirects and one real one.

He grabs a dagger and guts Gong.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [1/2] – video dailymotion

And then everyone else but Dong Man follows her out. All this blood and mystery has colored the way I see stuff. I desperately need the eng sub, but it’s nowhere to be found!!!!! Baby really is all grown up! Similar to Season 1, information and clues relating to the overarching mystery are released to us over the course of the season. I may have to go watch something silly and fluffy to wash my brain before sleeping tonight.


I found the writing this season pretty sharp and vapmire cohesive, but there were times when I felt it was uneven and could have been prosedutor better. Jang Hyun Epusode Cameo. Thank you so much! This season, we acknowledge the attraction that Tae Yeon and Jung In have for each other, and in multiple instances and forms too.

I demand a proper explanation!

The color palette is also further desaturated compared to Season 1 — with few exceptions — which adds to the gritty, less stylized, more matter-of-fact tone of Season 2. Hands-down, one of the most moving relationships this season, was Dr. These two must end up together period!

Certainly, the most enduring bromance of the lot, is the relationship between Soon Bum and Tae Yeon. You might want to cover your eyes for this.

Apparently the head soldier and the head agent Go Chang-jin are on familiar, but hostile, terms.

Whoo-hoo He is back! Although my soft spot is for Season 1, I liked Season 2 very well too.

Epislde he wanted full control, maybe they pissed him off somehow. I dont know if its a coincidence or what What episoxe it about bromances that make a kdrama great? Thank for sharing Loading Besides loving her new look, I loved how badass Jung In got to be this season. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Here is a link to the page if you would like to give it a look: That was a lot of torture to sit through. She writhes and screams.


Jo is still intent on the case, though, and shows the team his workaround: Tae-yeon turns his attention to the strange blood pattern, and notices something new. Ok, ok… First of all, I must say… Do you really take notes when watching each episode? Affectionate Tae Yeon — possibly one of my favorite versions of him: You have to pull its petals one by one, and watch until it withers.

Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2

Kim Joo Young Main Cast. It was a hidden gem of season, from tvN but when it run people had not yet discovered cable. Another man in black readies his implements while a woman sobs and tries to free herself.

Tae-yeon chases the killer, who runs through the woods and over a fence into a restricted area. Please enter your username or email address. After some time, Dr.


Vampire Prosecutor 2

I appreciated the continuity that the writers kept up through Season 2. FBND prosfcutor several episodes for me to get into too. That leads the team to a remote house.

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