The exam paper is published two to three months before most students will begin working on the task with their teachers, and there is another three months or more after this time before the exams are performed for assessment. Initial work is often clumsy for everyone, but at least the student is getting up and having a go. The very nature of this format requires the student to work on their own, free of distractions in the middle of what is most likely a very noisy classroom. Also prescribed is circus skills and attention to the use of space, which should appeal to lots of students. I would add the video game Uncharted to this list. However, students can also spend too much time researching and scripting.

Drama Victoria also puts out a solo performance exam resource annually, which is pretty useful. April 13, at 8: Remember, no overlap allowed between the teacher-set task for the mini solo and the VCAA-set exam solo task. Quality, not quantity for this task. The best students put in as much time at home as they do at school on their solos, every single week. At first glance, these skills appear at odds with each other, but this is not necessarily the case. Mandy Calderwood April 10, at 1: Rose, any day now.

This should prove a dramatic solo for students who believe in a cause and wish to be challenged. My advice is not to underestimate the importance of the research phase. Almost without exception, my best students over the years have done heavy research and written sophisticated scripts for their solo performances. Rose April 13, at 8: Examination Instructions To the uninitiated, exam instructions look boring, but these are a very specific set of rules outlining examination conditions, how to complete the Statement of Intention form given to examiners on exam day, advice for students in the exam room and other important notes.

Mandy April 12, at 7: Nor does it mean they spent weeks and weeks researching to the detriment of valuable rehearsal time. Keep in mind, even with two character choices, female students can choose to portray Ron Weasley if they like and vice-versa, as long as the character is performed in the gender prescribed and known of in the stimulus.

My students know one of the most important aspects of this exam is choosing the right character. At first glance, magical realism may appear an odd choice, but it is the magical aspect that is non-naturalistic, including the likelihood of non-human characters. This alone should make for entertaining performances in the exam room, with heightened use of movement and language prescribed. Are there any resources other than the drama sample performance examination that go into detail about the criteria of the drama solos?


Looks like a lot of fun!

Students can access examm exam themselves, or wait for their teacher to give it to them in class at later ssolo. It is not the first time we have had Dr. The solo performance examination is due to be published here in the April bulletin on Thursday 14 April, but may appear earlier than this date on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority VCAA Drama exam page.

Occasionally, a primary source may be available a living person relating to the character and an interview may need to occur.

The stem of the solo begins where the novel ends, with DP1 recreating moments of the events in the community of exaam world in The Giver. Firstly, remember not everything can be located on the Internet! At first glance, these skills appear at odds with each other, but this is not necessarily the case.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Whether it be fear, anxiety, a lack of confidence, or simply an inability to manage time effectively, students need to be guided by their teachers as drqma the appropriate time to get up and start rehearsing in the classroom. Students can use all their creative processes simultaneously with time management skills.

Now is the appropriate time to read several not just one past examination reports. I took it as both a backhanded compliment and a wake-up call. I usually ask my students why they would possibly want to perform their character like the other thirty interpretations the examiners have seen that week?

VCE Drama 2017 Solo Performance Examination Characters

This will normally require unpacking by the teacher with further explanation in the classroom. But they must be calculated and well-considered risks, not careless or clumsy risks that work drzma the candidate instead of for them in the exam room. May 13, at 2: When scripting, far and away the best method I can advise teachers and students is drana use Google Docs:. This character should appeal to students who enjoy adventure and suspense.


Heightened use of language and mood are prescribed. You can find these by trawling through the archives using the search function on this website. Seuss as prescribed stimulus in a solo exam.

VCE Drama Solo Performance Process | The Drama Teacher

All exam characters are set out in the same fashion with:. Hope this info helps. Barnum to hire him in the Bailey and Barnum Circus.

Notify me of new posts by email. Risk-taking is often frowned upon in most academic circles and the business world.

Students should work with their knowledge, expertise and strengths. A sense of familiarity with new and exciting content is what a student needs to see. Suitably, pathos is prescribed as the convention in this solo, along with symbol. DP3 links this solo to a potentially very open exploration of examples of other pilgrimages undertaken by people throughout history, where students should select carefully note the pluralisation. Past Examination Reports At this point, a student should be familiar at least in theory with the components and guidelines for a practical solo performance exam.

One needs to go with their strengths to a certain extent. April 26, at 3: Then students need to start enjoying the solo performance task and stop thinking of scripting, editing, rehearsing, costume making, and refining at home between scheduled Drama classes as homework. Hi Mandy, I got randomly audited by the VCAA for Unit 4 Drama last year and received a little slap on the wrist for my short mini solo task being too difficult for the students.

Her life included wealth, an extra-marital affair, and dressing some of the most famous actresses of her day.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rose, any day now. Mandy Calderwood April 10, at 1: A healthy mix of both improvising and scripting may well produce the best results, but ultimately this is up to what suits the individual student best. April 8, at 5:

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