Ryu Soo-young and Choi Jung-yoon. Joongki’s acting is more controlled, method acting And unfortunately, like reflected in KOD, it’s all about ratings. So why is it that so important? It’s not an easy song at all especially to sing it live. Why does the boys school uniform pants look so awful from behind?

All she has done this this year was this 1 episode and I didn’t expect it to bring her an award. Episode 6 by Helcat. It makes me love her a little, even though her acting leaves much to be desired. Kiki December 31, at Episode 4 by Regals. Wonderful actor, compelling when he is working. I had wondered if Park Ki-woong being cast as a second male lead was the reason he was awarded as Best Supporting Actor.

Yeah I don’t get why she was up against female leads when she was the second lead,not fair. Honestly, his character always darma to bring out the emotion in me.

She rocked her role and Vietsug was more invested in her character than in the OTP. Why did she have to fight with 2 lead actresses for the Best Actress Award why she was the 2nd lead?

And here I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Episode 4 by Regals. Kgrl January 1, at Queen of Mystery 2Are You Human?


180317 Yoona Won AFA Next Generation Award at Asian Film Awards

Ryu Soo-young and Choi Jung-yoon. Javabeans said about these awards at least the ones from the broadcasting stations that there are mostly about politics, and I am curious about that and I would like to understand it better. I have a few questions: Take off your coat! She wears it with confidence though, which goes a long way. KBS is fair at diving their trophy. I guess popularity plays a part.

Your email address will not be published. Yoo Dong-geun and Chang Mi-hee. Some outfits were just weird see Da hae and Hyuk. He was nominated in 2 categories so why wasn’t he invited? Most of the dresses are forgettable except kim nams. Hence, whether an actor gets a prize is highly dependent on how high the ratings for the drama is. Mostly though, I just want him to take his hand out of his pocket in every goddamn picture. I love love love the recaps vietaub award shows, so yay!

My Father is StrangeMad Awarss. She was so good in that role, I wanted her to get some recognition for it too: Jang Hyuk and Han Chae-ah.


KBS Drama Awards ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

P January 1, at Yoon Hyun-min and Jung Ryeo-won. Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Soo-kyung. Beautiful, eye-catching, and flattering from head to toe.

Thankfully I still managed to hear his live singing above the recorded version. I agree to all of the statements above. One think I is Pkw finally win his first ever award!!! I feel that Park Ki Woong deserves to be recognized along with Joo-won in the same categories. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Korean Broadcasting System in Korean. kbx

What’s With This Family. So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a.

[Vietsub] Lee Jong Suk Hwasin Show [email protected]

Haven’t watched their show yet, but they were hilarious promoting on Happy Together 3. In fact, he came from there and rushed to the awards just late afternoon. TT, not that I say they don’t deserve it, because they do And so does Shiyeon.

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