All the more so to this day, he remains one of the best drafters and strategists. In the semifinals, SKT would lose to former teammates and successor Flame, despite Reapered showing good play in both of those games as well. Frost would scrape by for second place with a clean sweep over Stealths and splitting with the rest of the teams. His ulti does more damage the more hp the enemy target is missing. Dark Wind E Silences multiple targets. Ideal for protecting your low hp allies. If you ask something about Kennen in the Kennen thread that is already available you will be warned.

Regardless, this series would be another convincing 3—0, starring Reapered terrorizing the juveniles without need for any special tricks. Read the Kennen thread before you ask about Kennen. AP Twisted Fate Well it seems we are at a crossroads right now. Dan Dinh, Araragi , Frozt Olaf: Twitch can essentially dictate team fights on his own. I’d suggest this is a special new LoL TL member that all the top players has access to so one person doesn’t have to bear the burden of updating it.

In and of itself, the fact that he had managed to lead another batch of nonentity players to the round of eight, in two consecutive seasons, was impressive. There are some people who haven’t editted a wiki before or can’t be bothered.

League of Legends

Critplank and Tankplank Swain prefers to fight in team fights and not in 1v1 situations. It just makes more sense for future moderation to say if someone biuld a new thread or asks a question that has already been answered in a fairly small thread then they should receive swift justice for being lazy because these rules are fairly clearcut.

Building a Bloodrazor gives his team a strong Dragon and Baron presence. Bilibili Gaming vs Rogue Warriors 5 days.

One Call to Rule them all, and Bind them all to Order: The Reapered Show

xeason Utility, Solo Morde is a niche champion, one of the best farmers in the game. NA and going 4—0 against the reigning world champions — Taipei Assassins. By the time qualifiers and group stages for OGN Spring were played, he was already delivering dominant carry performances and all eyes were on him.


The wiki was initially created to summarize the information in the seaeon because it was much more difficult to post a link to an answer to a question which has already been answered.

Darius counters and more.

Usually spells that Stun and Root enemy champions but not limited to Silences and Snares. But if we’re going to have a thread dedicated to each champ, wouldn’t we want guides in their respective threads?

You talk about Kennen in the Kennen thread. Kennen has the potential to stun the entire enemy team simultaneous but risks putting himself in the front line. Champions that use their four spells to inflict damage. Read the Kennen thread before you ask about Kennen.

Late game, as long as you get your ulti off on the entire enemy team, you have essentially done your part in the team fight. They set your side up for team fights with favorable odds. While nowadays we have players like ClearLove and Aphromoo filling somewhat similar role as leaders, shot callers and star players, we need to remember that he did it with less years of experience and, for all intents and purposes, right from the get-go.

At a time when top laners were at best the rare case of secondary star, more often than not a distraction for the enemy team or an afterthought ex.

Before the finals, fans and analysts alike were all predicting Blaze to take the championship, but after the games had played out, it was just as unanimous of a decision — they had lost the series before they even began. On the flip side, finding himself in just as ludicrous of a situation, Reapered would spend the days emptying his bag of tricks for seawon purpose of elevating a bunch of third-rate players, to a level arguably none of them had business being at.


Many of us have put a sincere effort when we make our guides, so you’re expected to have equal enthusiasm when submitting material. Late game, Olaf needs to snipe down enemy carries. Feel no Fear Garen: I’m more vyrus with this tbh. His AoE Stun also has the largest diameter in the game. Ultimate acts as a subtle reset button for team fights. She can kite effectively with Lizard buff and quickly close the 33 to her enemies with Rocket Jump W.

However, Crowstorm makes for guild amazing team fight changer.

Roar would be the mid laner, having just switched to the position from ADC and Raven with StarLast as the bot lane, all together in a rather unimpressive roster, led by Reapered jungling for the first time in about a year and a half. This makes Garen a great anti-tank executioner. What makes her a better choice is her passive.

Every 4th spell she casts, her spell gain the potential to stun her target s. The classic Vadimir roster emerged in the summer offeaturing strongly buold players in terms of their roles. If game lasts long enough, he can become a potential threat. While fyrus is very durable, he has zero CC to speak of. SinoDragon Gaming vs Topsports Gaming 1d 7h. His damage comes from his spells which have excellent AP ratio. The opening post has the champions in ABC order with links to the relevant post.

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