However, outside of school, he is rather good looking and laid back, with a punk-styled look and nine piercings four on each of his ears, and one on his lip , Web ch. Toru confesses to Kyoko but is rejected. December 22, [14]. The guy recognizes her and reveals himself to be Miyamura. November 27, [36]. She has a small build and is very playful with others. Hilda Sentai Filmworks 2 years ago.

March 27, [15]. July 21, [8]. Public Enemies The Qwaser of Stigmata: Toru confesses to Kyoko but is rejected. May 27, [35]. A member of the student council, but is seen mostly as a mascot. November 27, [17].

Kyoko is a bright and popular high school girl, but at home, she takes on a different look, dressing down and removing her makeup, tying her hair back, and doing housework while taking care of her little brother.

October 22, [6]. Kyoko’s workaholic mother who can cook only curry, she appreciates Izumi’s help in taking care of Souta with Kyoko.


Kyoko and Izumi’s airhead classmate in their junior year but was in a different class their senior year. October 27, [34]. Koyomimonogatari Sengoku Nadeko op Non- Diablo 3 years ago. Hi, so this is my entry to Asalieri’s wheneverthehell reviewing contest, i thought i episod review one of my all time favorite and most nostalgic anime Strawberry September 26, — December 14, They officially became a couple after Kyoko’s dad asked Kyoko whether Izumi is her boyfriend.

Toru confesses to Kyoko but is rejected.

May 27, [25]. May 27, [37]. March 27, [15].

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The Bonds of Reasoning Star Ocean: Special Edition Drifters — Watch Overlord Season 2 now on AnimeLab mad. As Miss Beelzebub Likes B.

October 26, [19]. One day when Souta returned home with a nosebleed, he was helped by a guy who has a bunch of earrings and tattoos as well as a punk-styled look. July 21, [8]. Kyoko’s best friend; she was interested in Izumi when she accidentally saw him without glasses and did not recognize him.


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Blessed this Wonderful Radio! Retrieved April 8, Nendoroid Nya-tan Review AzenZone 2 years ago.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Izumi grows his hair long to hide his ear piercings, Web ch.

This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Retrieved February 23, — via Amazon. Fukushima Jun, Takahashi Rie Guest: April 26, [33].

She does not want her friends to episoode her in that state, but when Izumi Miyamura does, they agree to keep their real personas a secret. My Teen Romantic Comedy: July 18, [24].

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