They may need him at some point. No credits whatsoever, which just adds to the overall immediacy of it. Textook, trite, cliched, not smart, overdone, not scary, bad. It’s very disorienting, which adds to the experience; you never figure out what the hell is going on but you’re so into survival that you put it past you. Oh, it’s not scary, and I find the idea of a thing like this really existing more logical than any of those bozos surviving the crash in the park. It forces claustrophobia as it whispers the insanity and the entire film works as a metaphor for diving deep into the darkness of one’s existence and summoning demons, ones we can’t see coming which is why I think those monsters were blind. Everyone in the theater was rooting for a sequel; maybe a second set of footage is found elsewhere?

After all someone might say it’s a love story I feel like there isn’t much that can be said about the acting, and that should be a credit to it. Cloverfield brought back a sense of excitement and delight for me. It’s very disorienting, which adds to the experience; you never figure out what the hell is going on but you’re so into survival that you put it past you. Language Set favourite s Login. Yes, the monster is cool.

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Cloveefield thing you must remember going into this movie. Yes, we knew the helicopter was going down since they find the camera in Central Park.

It also will anger those who need all the details, and need to have every loose end tied up or even a majority of them. As the viewer you feel you are with the group as you are seeing the movie from the first person view. Why not make the story the monster? First they steal the overdone Hollywood bit about love.

I’ve spoilerized in case anyone doesn’t want to know anything about the film, but I will try to stay away from anything that’ll be too overt. I mean, I subttulada a good thrill ride monster movie. It succeeds primarily because of two things; what you see and what you hear. I definitely have to applaud the decision to not simply make a cookie cutter action film that is easy to watch. Many thrilling visual and sound wathc wowed me there were a few times I yelled out in shock at a sudden scare.


All movies now have great effects. The filmmakers came up with some really great creature designs that dloverfield menacing yet very much original.

At least its badness is funny, cloverfiepd gives it some merit. If you’ve been following it to any degree whatsoever, you know that it’s shot entirely with hand-held cameras. The Descent works better in every faction of story telling. It just wasn’t good. All in all, a fantastic time at the movies.

Perhaps the 80 minute run time will bother some people, but on the other hand I think that’s better than a film wearing out its welcome. So immediately, I think this will be a love hate experience. Yes, the monster is cool.

This is scary, why? The film is also surprisingly humorous, and I would say that our watcj laughed more than they screamed although the screams were definitely there. You feel connected to the characters as you understand that because of their loss, they have to set something right and not escape from the city.

It was a relatively unique experience, and again I want to applaud the decision to make it in that manner. I have to say that I haven’t had so much fun in a movie theater in such a long time. Everyone in the theater was rooting for a sequel; maybe a second set of footage is found elsewhere?

Textook, trite, cliched, not smart, overdone, not scary, bad. If you’re bound to be upset over seeing a movie with a lack of music, then stay for the credits, during which a fantastic suite of music composed by Michael Cloverfielx titled “Roar! Not as bad as Mission Impossible 2, but subtiitulada darn close.

Hud’s pinnacle of wit onlinee “That’s terrible” when he gets a good shot of the monster. So trite and boring and not fascinating.

I wanted to like this I did, I really did. Since it is expected there, I expect more from the story.

It was well crafted and edited and the effects were amazing, but so what? I’m surprised he didn’t utter, “That’s terrible cubed” before he was engorged upon. Standard operation of introducing characters that we shouldn’t care about. It absolutely feels like you are experiencing this with the characters, who feel more or less exactly like real people. For anyone who thinks this movie is original it is probably because you are under 24 and either naive to creativity or just haven’t seen any worthwhile movies.


The beginning clearly leads on that the camera is found, which means they all die. Which is why the gimmick of a hand held camera was needed. Otherwise they don’t have enough for a feature length movie.

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Who cares about Rob’s job in Japan? Now it is expected. In fact if it had continued with the romantic drama tone established during the first half hour, I STILL think it would have been worth watching and that’s the biggest compliment I can give it. Ambient sounds such as creeks and thumps don’t distract you from looking at all the finer details. Of course people will be watching this movie for the visceral pleasure and Colverfield delivers. Onlin think it will be interesting to watch how it does at the box office though.

There is no set up, and no hold-your-hand-for-you resolution or really, much of one at all. I will admit, the marketing scheme behind this awfulness was clever. Any horror film will also benefit from a sense of entrapment and this movie pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of making New York City seem claustrophobic because there was seemingly nowhere to hide from the monster.

The effects wtch great and realistic thanks to the hand-held camera, which isn’t too bad-looking if you manage to get a seat further from the screen.

Followed closely by, “That’s terrible too” when we see when of its young-lings a few seconds later. What matters is who’s in front of the camera.

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