MistressOfPimp Nov 10, Choose from our extensive collection of English Dubbed Anime and Watch Anime online on any device in high quality. And as usual, the girl has no character what so ever. NatsukiNeko Jun 21, As she approaches the front door it begins to rain. Related wiki Banana Fish. XTsukiUsagiX Jun 30, Yui is one of the types of female characters I can’t stand–stupid, scared of everything, and utterly helpless.

I was searching for this that info moths ago and found out. I remember how the fans reacted to Toma’s action to lock up the Heroine in the Amnesia Anime. Croose Hackle 10 November at At it’s core, Dialovers is either Twilight with extra rape and torture or Fifty Shades of Grey with vampires. It’s a sick rape fantasy. People who are too soft or not masochist, please refrain from even touching Rejet stuff. Sigit Pratama 19 January at Flavia-chan The people who are going to watch it are going to get scared anyway LOL.

He wakes up as she animewagfles him and promptly pins her down. Except for one sort of. People should think twice if they even tried to come near Rejet’s stuff. I can’t wait for more trailers! Then I searched recently to check for updates and found the trailer. I never said Yui’s an airhead, I said she lacks character anumewaffles.


There’s no fun if being too normal. HopefullyTime and patience is all I need to make this blog nicer. However, I will clarify a few things.


But unlike Shiki and Akira, both of whom had fascinating psychologies that both complimented each other and kept the reader interested, DiaLover’s characters have nothing to make them interesting besides the gorgeous character designs and amazing seiyuu cast.

NatsukiNeko Jun 23, I admit I am very picky with romance. Flavia-chan The people who are going to watch it are riabolik to get scared anyway LOL. There are some loopholes in every game, not even any of publishers can notice of.

Lol do you guys even get it? Although there’s nice examples when you seek them out, Japan is a massive urban sprawl and even the country side in aimewaffles opinion has nothing on the likes of England, Australia or USA without making an effort to find a pretty bit.

Whichever floats your boat. I can’t deny I actually liked this game. NatsukiNeko Jun 24, Tuesday, 6 August Korean Dubbed Anime. D Please have a check. Is the next episode a movie? ReshaTM Aug 03, Dialovers has no aninewaffles of kindness that I know. ReshaTM Jun 25, siabolik I do feel bad for their heroines Its in September, the news is informed through the official website of Dialovers anime: Yui HAS a character, she is not an airhead. They are pretty much screwed up by their moms in their childhood.


Is this another otome game series? Yatagarasu Aug 05, Rejet is still very new but their works are good. But if you are soft-hearted or dislike torture, just don’t play it and do not come near Rejet co. LongLiveHarryPotter7 Jun 22, I keep hearing there a manga on animeqaffles, is that true?

Related wiki Satou’s Aunt. We are apparently masochists.

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Here are options for the dubbed animeanime dubbed, anime dub, english dubbed anime, anime english dub, watch anime dub, watch dubbed anime, dub anime and dubbed anime online. Oh well, I think I’ll give it a try, it would be impossible for me to hate this series more than that Twilight stuff xDDD.

J-Chan Aug 06, NatsukiNeko Aug 07, I’ve already given my two cents on the matter and I’m not interested in starting and argument.

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