Coswell being so stupid in the end! A Star Is Born 7. One of the fun elements of this episode, is that we get to see our main characters interact with each other before they became the team that we know and love. The thefts of the dagger were on the last night of the exhibit. Everyone hearing a different accent from Sophie, Parker handing over a different, bigger knife each time, Eliot being charming and competant in Sophie’s flashback to down right wild-eyed, unpredicable and potantially a serial killer in Hardison’s flashback. A wonderful blend of your writing and I’m sure Riley witnessing CK Flirting with women over the years. Your geek credentials are more than untarnished; you get to burnish them for that one.

It’s borne from a combination of the anvils you’ve been dropping in this blog about Eliot’s upcoming backstory added to the various seemingly atypical reactions we’ve seen from him this season e. Though he didn’t end up with the dagger, surely there must have been other valuables in the vault for him to take as proof? You know what I mean? Forgot one thing, sorry! That lab coat is entirely unfair. Loved the various riffs running in the different vignettes. As usual, great job. From some of the little things that Parker has mentioned about psych evaluations et al.

We get to hear her accent from the viewpoint of the other characters — how she sounds according to them.

Hardison’s wimpy-man’s view of the blade. Even October would be better and have the dvd released for Christmas, that would be the best gift possible, can’t you convince the powers that be at TNT to do that.

Livlife, at the end, the team learned that the dagger is currently owned by the CEO of “Barron Petroleum,” and is being displayed as a sign that “he cares” about the “little people” whose lives are being ruined by his company’s oil spill.

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So, yes, good eye and an even watchh explanation! Which turned out to be a fairly insane idea once you got down to writing it. Honestly, every time someone whips out a knife or anythingI’m not happy unless I hear the “whoosh. He never loses, after all. In fact – Eliot did it twice in this and Hardison did it once.


Am I right about this? Also Eliot talking about walking around in the dark with the knife.

The Rashomon Job

An AIM chat between me and andy: Did Sophie imagine Nate unzipping her or did he imagine doing that to her? Parker’s take on Sophie’s accent was also a howler.

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Everyone’s talking about him as a someone Is he an actor? I’m really glad I got into this show bit hesitant at first and I have to say last night’s episode was definitely one of the best.

I love getting to see the con from each persons point of view. Hardison’s was great, too – perfectly over the top. I did love not just how the details in each flashback were altered, but how they each perceived the others differently. CtRokJ … When we first see Eliot we spotted a number 7 on the back of his vest. Just wanted to say, loved the episode and all it’s little in-jokes.

This will be your easiest answer session yet as it seems everyone has taken some time to write in only to say, “Exceptional Ep!

He’s really quite arrogant a lot of the time. Here’s what Rasshomon wrote on my blog about the episode: As others have mentioned, loved tje layered writing. Video Beagle, this is why I asked you about the Scooby Doo thing last night, because sometimes my wild ass guesses aren’t that wild ass after all.

Just as the Four Musketeers were motivated to make Billingsley’s security chief be as brilliant and nasty and awesome as possible so their thievery would be that much more impressive because they got one over on him — Nate’s equally motivated to make the security chief as incompetent as possible to make himself look like Batman.


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Is this where he came up with it for the first time? The older he gets, the better he looks. In these two stories, he’s not coming on to Miss Ipcress or her file: Or was it just good timing, like the plane landing in the Mile High Job?

Did Nate know that it was Sophie going up the stairs in that fabulous dress right before him and Coswell? Is that a comment on Parker’s ability to lie or is she secure enough to admit when she’s been foiled?

No questions, just admiration. Definitely one of the funnest to date!

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A news clip about the piece causes the team to bicker about which of them stole the dagger, Nate sifts through differing accounts from Sophie, Eliot, Hardison and Parker about the theft, and the cornucopia of bad accents from Sophie. I still feel glee at having stood where they plan and other set pieces from ConCon. Even Eliot, the hitter, was afraid of Nate there!

The Rashomon Job 22 Aug This is definitely one of the best this season! She could tell, as they were telling their stories, that she was the last one to have it, based on time and placement, so she was just waiting for her moment to shine, so she could say she stole it from all of them. I can’t believe I missed that! It is reported that he and Christian kane are good friends. We saw Sophie drug the champagne.

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