Bri picks James first, because duh. Do they expect someone who is already stressed out to become calm by shouting at them? I was kind of shocked at the pan thing too. Farewell to Bri, once again. She goes upstairs, leaving Bri to feel the sharp blade of the ax for the second time this season. I thought he would win for sure, then they started painting him as a big jerk instead of the comeback kid great dad that they portrayed him as from the beginning. October 21, at 7:

The tone starts right from the beginning when they give a short overview what has happened before…. How can something be right up there by far? That should be a free pass up to the balcony for James. Breading acts like an insulator to protect the food it coats from the aggressive heat of the oil and prevent it from overcooking, but too much will insulate the food too much and prevent it from cooking thoroughly, which apparently was the case. Andrea August 23, at 7: I was blown away!

The only real tension I felt in this episode was between Natasha and Krissi. S4e220 followmeontwitter Gordon asks her to give Krissi some advice. August 24, at So major kudos and props to her!

Pretty much every single properly cooked seared scallop you have ever had was probably raw barely warm in the middle. Cooking in a professional kitchen is stressful for any home cook.

Obviously I have zero knowledge of when anything was shot. The exceptions of course are a nice beer battered fish and corn dogs. When I was filming season 3 ss4e20 MasterChef, one of the best items that the hotel restaurant offered was a plate of fried calamari and rock shrimp well executed, too!


Not characteristics I typically want in my food. Check out what he has to say here: Tom August 23, at 8: Ha habut I find the whole Bri is a vegetarian thing mastfrchef overused and less believable every time I hear it. I make delicious stir fries in my dinky little electric apartment stove all the time: Saute some of that with bacon and garlic and masterchsf have one of my favorite things on the planet.

Joel Lugar August 23, at 1: MC4 is another story…. Save your energy for the Dreaded Pressure Test, James.

She has become the focus, and she is not being edited for glamour. Which would be a darn shame. Still learning ENglish so forgive my blundersSympathies have to fly to Krissi…I am not too fond of heights and would have struggled to up to the top.

The Red Team wins!

MasterChef US S04E20

I agree with your point about the watcj word choice of the narrator, but I guess it fits with how this season is going. Service ends, and we get to hear that the Red Team wins. But then I was never masterchrf fond of Eddie and Jordan during there time on the show!!

The skin more closely resembles a thin, delicate wonton skin than a sturdy, slightly chewy dumpling skin. Shumai are a variant of Chinese dumplings. Going into it I was actually foolish enough to think I could cook my way to a win.

I wonder if they intentionally put Krissi in that position it looks like there are only 3 true wok-stationsknowing that she was least familiar with Chinese food, just to induce a meltdown. Enter your email address and you will receive an email you when I post something new.


August 25, at 4: What an anchor, Krissi is! materchef

Masterchef 4 Recap: WP and Calamari (S4E20) | Michael Chen

August 23, at 1: And from talking to Christine, I know that her life has been far from peachy since winning. This blog contains the crazed rants of a former MasterChef survivor who has practically no inside knowledge of how this season was produced.

I find the cookalong shows interesting as people ask questions of these contestants and the Bri and Krissi episodes are my favorites. To be watcy, you can stir fry in just about any conditions I use a dinky little frying pan and electric stove in my apartment!

My grandgrandmother had some health issues and had to live on a strict diet, not able to eat a variety of food and still she was one of the best cooks I have ever known? I thought he would win for sure, then they started painting him as a big jerk instead of the comeback kid great dad that they portrayed him as from the beginning.

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