To complicate matters further, although he was raised as an only child, Shogo apparently has a younger half-sister who was raised separately who also goes to the same school and intends to get closer to him without revealing her true identity. The Best Jokes of the Oscars. After their date, Miyabi, kissing him by surprise, asks Shogo to be her boyfriend, but he turns her down and she tearfully storms off. The voice claims to that she is his little sister, but before he can learn who it is, he finds out the conditions of his inheritance. A new problem arises afer he tells Konoe about his dilemma. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. A Star Is Born 7.

Archived from the original on August 30, Register using a connected account. Afterwards, Shogo reports his findings to Yuzurina, who has found Miyabi in the hotel, and while dismayed about Seri’s scheme, he adds that she is fine with publicizing herself as Shogo’s little sister. Realizing something, Shogo barges into the student council office and asks Rinka for information. The next day, Miyabi returns to class much livelier yet Konoe worries for her. After taking a shower, Miyabi attempts to have sex with Shogo, but she then cries, asking Shogo to never leave her.

That evening, Yuzurina apprises Shogo that Konoe was the person who came to his father’s funeral asking for marriage, much to his disbelief. Finding this to be in bad taste by the board, as a response, the academy’s student council appoints Shogo as their morality officer. After being absent from class, Miyabi receives a visit from Shogo and Konoe, but the latter leaves abruptly to get some tea for them.

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After being told to live a virtuous life by Yuzurina, Shogo heads back to the party. Register using a connected account.


Shortly after its first airing ghem Japan, Crunchyroll announced in July of that year that it would stream live a subtitled version of the series with the new episodes that come out. Meanwhile, his school life gets a jolt with the arrival of a new student to his class.

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Some time later, Shogo and the other girls congratulate Miyabi over her performance during a swim match, while Ikusu fails to locate Yuzurina. Retrieved October 1, Pandora in the Crimson Shell: A model attribution edit summary using German: Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review”.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. How will he act knowing that any girl he chooses to be his life partner may also be his sister? When he goes to see Miyabi, she reveals that she was the one who asked Shogo to marry her back at the funeral, and she was only trying to hide her sibling relationship with him so that they could be lovers.

Shogo is getting a new neighbor and an unexpected surprise! While he prepares to take a bath, he suspects that Miyabi may be his little sister, after taking notice of the toy shampoo bottle.

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He is immediately popular because of his name and position as heir to Kumagoro’s company and has caught the eye of several female students. On Konoe and Shogo’s js photo, the pseudo-couple allow Miyabi to be with them at the picture. Fortunately, there is a large female population at Miryuin Academy to choose from.

However, after Kumagoro dies, his widow Kanoko becomes the new acting chairman as Shogo transfers to his father’s alma mater Miryuin Private Academy. While looking for her, Shogo and Ikusu reveal that Seri is in allegiance with someone who is plotting to remove Shogo’s candidacy as the next head of the Mikadono Group via a scandal, and Ikusu advises Shogo to lay low for the time being. Shogo confronts Mei sisterr of this, and she admits that she was distracting him from knowing his real little sister to prevent any torment by his family and scandals from his company.


Archived from the original on August 30, After their date, Miyabi, kissing him by surprise, asks Shogo to be her boyfriend, but he turns her down and she tearfully storms off. In addition to the OVA, bonus material included footage from a special event that took place on July When Tyem finds the two, she reveals that she and Shogo used to pretend to get married in the courtyard of the hospital during her visits.

Luckily, Konoe finds the two, and she helps fix Miyabi’s dress, much to Shogo’s relief. Vampire who lives in my awtch Endro! Konoe and Miyabi became increasingly intimate with Shogo, as the latter fears of whoever he chooses between the two as his wife could be his biological little sister.

Realizing nakaomo, Shogo barges into the student council office and asks Rinka for information. Add to Watchlist Added. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Mei tried to seduce Shogo later that night, but Shogo gets an interrupted phone call from Ikusu, who discovers that Mei might be the girl that calls Shogo every morning.

Works by Studio Gokumi. Season 1, Episode 3.

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