This movie is boring and pointless. While watching it, I felt my senses were assaulted, but there was more to it than what I was able to discern viscerally. There is a reason they have not done any major Hollywood films since being Disney stars. Honestly, I really did. And if you were curious about it because your buddy told you Vanessa Hudgens boobs are in it, you were lied to my friend. We are told to live our youth to the full. These are easily two of the most frightening female characters ever put on-screen.

I’m all for movies without a real point, and done stylistically, so long as they don’t become plodding and boring along the way. It is astonishing to me that this generation finds a movie this horribly scripted, filmed, and thought-out to be good. I had never seen a trailer for this movie and assumed it would involve sex drugs and parties, that’s spring break, I had NO idea it would turn into what it did. James Franco has forever been banned from my film collection for even agreeing to do this movie let alone the horrible acting he did in it. The movie not about Spring Break. In the end, I left the theater feeling like I’d just come off an intense acid trip into the darker recesses of modern culture, emotionally exhausted and ready to get in my car and drive home in silence, reflecting on what I’d just seen.

A theme in NBK that was sprjng used was the green lighting. It does not matter what you want however, you may capture it here.

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I guess they don’t care if they are going to die or not. How can it be that scenes of the girls fondling firearms make you wonder when the movie will end? The action was horrendous and the comedy But if you can see past all that and accept it like those things were used as an art-form even if you know they were notthen Spring Breakers becomes an experience into the lives of four onlnie girls and their ‘trip’ of a lifetime.


It is so much more. But at the same time, this ambiguity stands in the way of ‘Spring Breakers’ being vioooz really good film. It may have been written on the back on an envelope or a cocktail napkin. Selena Gomez leaves first, then the girl with the pink hair leaves second, after realizing that they are getting caught up in some crazy stuff with a gangster.

To sum it up, this was an extremely underrated movie, mostly watched by a lot of dumb teens and young adults who thought it was just going to be another Hollywood style flick starring old Disney actresses who want to break their image, but instead of that they got a weird bgeakers film that didn’t follow the “rules” of the filmmaking industry and therefore disappointed them because it wasn’t particularly funny in the way that most films are, and it showed sex, drugs and violence in a real, strange, and too explicit way onpine them to enjoy.

Spring Breakers

The script is so childish that it seems like a year old wrote it. Some of it works but in the end, we’ve heard the fre things so many times it is as if Korine is hammering the message of his satire into our heads, almost desperate to prove it has a point.

That’s like 3-D in black-and-white or a horror movie with cute, cuddly bats. Watch Elysium Online for Free – Viooz. As the girl’s ‘adventure’ with Franco xpring, I lost interest. Primarily, there’s the script. If you honestly took out all the unnecessary use of girls with breasts out and ten minutes of a threesome, the movie wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.

For more Reviews, check out http: On the one hand, it looks likes an extended music video, filled with mindless scenes of teenagers having one big party. When the girls are introduced to Alien the film feels like it gets a new director. You will end up in frustration by keep listening one word again and again “Spring break”.

Through the course of the film we go from fearing him, to laughing at him, to feeling sorry for him. James Franco on the other hand really stood out and delivered a superb performance in what I would say is one of his more challenging roles, because the character himself is just so unlikable and unlike anyone he has portrayed before. The kids who grew up with role models like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. It was a breath of fresh air amidst all the cookie cutter romantic comedies, dramas, action films, and horror movies that plague modern cinema.


It’s messy and ridiculously unrealistic. Right, neither did I. This is by far his most accomplished work, but unfortunately by distributing this movie to a bigger audience, he encountered a lot of criticism and hate, just because more watcy saw and discovered his style.

Franco truly breaks out in this performance, becoming someone I never could have imagined he’d be able to pull off back in his Spider-Man days. I can not write about acting of other so-called actresses in this movie because there was none, they all stood all the time with blank expressions on their faces, looking brain dead.

At one point they are dancing with assault riffles with pink ski masks? You’re not intended to feel how the girls feel because they don’t understand.

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The other three are then threatened by Alien’s rival and one is shot in the arm. The fun soon ends once the girls are arrested for using narcotics at a wild party.

The stamp of a good film is the impact factor–how long it stays with you when it’s over. Korine is truly brilliant, somehow creating a work that is both luscious and devoid.

On the surface this appears to be a shallow and uninspiring awtch of crap theatre with no motive beyond showing us some tits and ass.

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