The Vault Uncyclopedia Wowpedia. If he had been on Next Gen, he would’ve been given a tech nerd love interest as you described. Retrieved 7 November Sorry, but I respectfully disagree with the comments I have read here. The story, which was co-written by legendary ventriloquist Shari Lewis best known for her act with Lamb Chop. Memory Alpha reached 1, articles by January 12, , but on March 23, the site’s database was accidentally erased during an upgrade of the MediaWiki software.

It is the site that I get a lot of information from and would highly recommend you use it to learn more about all things Trek. It just seems wrong, and not true to the Scotty we know and love. For example, the article Nyota Uhura discusses the character as portrayed by Nichelle Nichols , while the article Nyota Uhura alternate reality discusses the character as played by Zoe Saldana. Yet overall, the episode feels less compelling than it should be, perhaps because the Scotty-Mira relationship is so lacking in energy and passion. The latter method is used in cases where either the information is particularly important such as conflicting information from two canonical sources or there is not enough background to justify a separate section. Much better was LaForge and whatever brunette assistant he had for about 3 episodes.

That wasn’t in the cards in the 60s.

Star Trek The Original Series S03E18 – the lights of zetar – video dailymotion

Romaine collapses after the encounter and warch heard speaking some sort of garbled language. The Globe and Mail. Before she is shuffled off, and totally forgotten. Scotty has always worn his heart on his sleeves, and he does so in this episode.

The site has remained popular since its inception, although its growth has slowed in recent times. Doesn’t make for good TV, though. No ramifications, no meaning beyond what this episode explores. I wonder if the idea of a group of entities forcibly living as one inside an unwilling host is actually Cold War commentary on Communism, the tthe of the state forcing its collective will upon individuals.

Retrieved 14 May That being said, they lf also not too old to have very intense emotional and sexual feelings for one another. Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages.


While his love for Mira causes him to act terribly lovestruck, it is a different side of him that we see. I will be watching Leverage. Several times in the episode, she is hostile to others, mainly Dr. Mira takes the worst of the damage, and seems to start experiencing thoughts and ideas that are not her own.


Star Trek – S03 E18 – The Lights Of Zetar

They generally become this way when they fall in love. At least it has some cool zftar effects — not the crappy CGI as sampled in the above pics.

This is from the term used in the movie itself to describe the new continuity. Relevance — 1 point.

Star Trek sites abound”, The Recordp. When he falls in love, Scotty stops being Scotty: Like, how many times do they need to confirm what they already know? Memory Alpha contains over 43, articles and 44, images in its English edition alone as of December [update] on,ine, making it one of the largest wiki projects. After the woman dies, Kirk questions Romains.

Star Trek The Original Series S03E18 – the lights of zetar

John, You hit the nail on the head with this one. Among these was a peer review process, implemented on September 21, in response to questions about the process by which articles become featured.

The platform of choice for Wikimedia Foundation projects proved to be, in their opinion, more stable and efficient, and they brought a testsite online on November 11, Other than that, there is nothing relevant to this episode. The Next Generationseveral articles on the group have been deleted because the community deemed the topic not directly related to the franchise.

The argument regarding individuality is the best part of the story but too much is left unexamined in favor of that chemistry-free love story with Scotty. If I were creating a worst of TOS list, this would be watcn the top.

It is a resource used by mainstream journalists wstch information zerar Star Trek related issues. It reminds me of some of the exchanges in Ed Wood movies where people are being snarky with each other for no reason other than to fill time.


I invite you to visit my blog http: As of [update]information about The Sunspots can be found on the different actors’ pages rather than a single, separate article.

The site’s archivists are divided as to exactly whether such information should be allowed as canonical; some want only to allow what was seen on-screen while others wish to include that which was originally intended to be used on-screen but never made it, such as information from deleted scenes, early script drafts, etc.

The Star Trek Online Wikihosted by curse. Not much connects this episode to anything else.

Star Trek – S03 E18 – The Lights Of Zetar – video dailymotion

My onlinee Double Feature is now on the schedule! Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial license [2]. She is unnecessarily attacking and harsh. The characters, ships and information from New Frontier books do not receive pages of their own, but they are covered on the pages about the books.

Which is why this episode really doesn’t make an impact, although there’s nearly a very good plot in there somewhere.

,ights While there are technical flaws in the writing, I think overall it’s a beautiful and touching love story for my favorite TOS character, and I see a great deal of chemistry between Scotty and Mira which is appropriate given the age and maturity of the characters. According to the page history of the Peer Review page, it was created by user Cid Highwind at Although this caused six weeks of work to be lost, the project expanded to include Dutch and German versions on April 10 and May waatch respectively.

The same rule applies for films, without the series prefix and with italics in place of quotation marks. As Carlson said in the Charlotte Observer, “The idea I latched onto with the wiki concept is you can spread the work around.

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