It would also account for his non-sexual way of relating to women, even if he is supposedly in a relationship with them. That would be Tancred Tabone, his second cousin. As a father, he should know that a 4 year old should be in bed by 7pm latest on weekdays and not running around in cars with strange and violent men. Are you being entertained? Muscat treats parliament like a court of law without a judge. December 13, at 4:

Well, so does Franco Debono. He has overlooked the fact that now he is in government and the things that worked for him in Opposition will not work anymore as the context has changed completely. The dawn of high speed internet, meant that Television stations in Malta now had an even greater reach, where it would be possible for viewers to stream Maltese Stations from across the globe. Also, you assume too much… and that surprises me. December 13, at 8: Muscat bghat lil JPO biex jaljena l-attenzjoni minn fuqu, u tajjeb li n-Nazzjonalisti jiffaccjawh bil-qawwa u fejn l-aktar iwegga. Similarly traffic lanes should be delineated with concrete in Malta because white paint is just not enough for this country of savages. A line that he needs a GPS for.

Pullicino Orlando thinks that the control room recordings should not have been released because they have added nothing of value to the debate and there is no public-interest element either. The timing of incoming information and the constant rearrangement of the puzzle pieces into optimal use is an inherent part of lateral thinking.


I think if Muscat checks his polls after tonight, they are going to be even worse. Dak li hexa l-Malta ghamlulu statwa biex inkinu nistghu nibqghu niftakkru kemm qlajna bullets, gas tad-dmugh u sahansitra rajna ukoll nies maqtula, frame-ups, cover-ups u korruzzjoni iddisinjata mill-ministri Laburisti bil-miljuni misruqin mill-Mid Med taz-Zejtun li wara harquh biex ma jibqa xejn jidher.

It is in this gap that wafch can be done at all. But for him that line is a stratagem. Issa se mmorru ghall-brejk — and no doubt another few Nippremjaw il-Bzulija Budget advertisements.

This is just… breath-taking. I think that is an extreme-left wing blog.

Imagine how the students feel to have a political hot head in charge. Are you as moved?

TV Streaming Malta

December 13, at 2: They have created a climate of tension and fear and they are thriving on this. From that perspective, the fate of his daughter was surer than his own. Ghalhekk prova jsib pulizija Laburist meta ried jahbi l-bicca xoghol tat-trab abjad? But in his case, I xwrabank an exception.

Listen to him interrupting. Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. JPO is now a seriously dangerous liability for Labour — another accident xarabajk to happen. Timselvision she is 11years old.

Censu Caf Caf says: Well, they certainly need him in that room. My favorite is Federica, for sure.

WATCH: IVF Expert Heckled By Xarabank Audience As He Tries To Explain Science

I have to admit that Beppe Fenech Adami makes a very good deputy leader. Can we have some more close-ups of the chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, please? In damage control, she xxarabank in no danger. Terence Ciantar was identified as one of the Xarabank incident’s antagonists.


Watch Live: TVM (English) from Malta.

December 13, at 4: At one point JPO looked like he was about to get up and throw a few punches. The Broadcasting Authority in Malta oversees all the local broadcasts to ensure standard practices and guidelines are respected. He will always need to keep trying to prove that he made the right choice, because now he chooses to ignore the fact that he was not allowed to dominate the Nationalist Party.

December 13, at Phenomenal performance, Federica Falzon! Labour sent him in to hang himself. Muscat treats parliament like a court of law without a judge. Updated Bank of Valletta website goes temporarily offline due to ‘connectivity issues’. The producers asked all three parties to send two representatives: Are you being entertained? I still see something else happening there.

Disregard the jealousy around and always look ahead.

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