Episode 54 Local Bread Battle!! The team reaches the venue for the competition, Shinano, feeling optimistic, but their spirits collapse when Azuma collapses with a fever and is hospitalized. A Super Famous Celebrity Appears! As well Japan’s opponent is France. That’s 5 points off!! Azuma ends up winning by making an okonomiyaki -style sandwich on panini bread. While the Pantasia team is out buying mangoes, the CMAP team passes by and starts insulting them, as well as making fun of Takumi for deserting them.

Kazuma ni kuroi kaze! The Lord of the Loquat! He is deaf to all their pleas, but everyone is struck dumb when Ken Matsushiro reveals that Monica is pregnant. Episode 46 The Clown Jailed!? Kindan no Rodan Sakusen! The group learns of a new opponent, Shadow, the best in the American team, with Gopan 97, surpassing Azuma’s Japan Tsukino, their new supervisor, teaches Kazuma how to make French bread. Pierrot’s reaction includes a complex code that only Azuma solves, revealing he is very strong when it comes to numbers.

Azuma ends up leaving, only to be discovered later to have visited Shadow, who turns out to be just as disturbing as he seemed. Roodo obu za biwa! The story starts when Azuma is 5, living in the country with his grandfather, a rice farmer, and his sister.

The objective is to make a bread with fish or a bread that tastes good with fish. Still dont see how that adds up to winning 5 tiles in one match. After getting fired for appearing “soulless”, he was found in a bar by Yuuichi Kirisaki and enrolled in the Monaco Cup, and is being worked to death by Kirisaki to copy his Gopan technique perfectly. The episode carries on from episode 16, and ends with Azuma’s win.

The episode starts with Kawachi commenting on Suwabara being foolish in using his sword to carve a wooden log in the middle of the road. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

The episode begins with the bake-off between Azuma and Tsubozuka. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. For the second part of the quarter-finals, the jpaan eight are brought to a deserted island. Kawachi, feeling guilty, gives up his employment at the Main Branch, but then both he and Azuma are hired by Tsukino and the Southern Tokyo Branch.


The fourth match of Yakitate!! After its completion, Kawachi as planned accidentally ruins it. While Sachihoko finishes his Egyptian bread, Alexandria, far ahead of Kawachi, Kawachi, unable to resist the urge to watch Pierrot’s reaction, looks up to realise that time has stopped.

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It flashes back to Pierrot’s plane trip to America; the former ringmaster warns that Americans will sue over anything, in which he relays a story of an old woman microwaving her cat, which is the source of Pierrot’s hatred.

Izu is hours away by train. Azuma comes up with the idea of using potatoes, and the sap of a surviving palm tree. During that time team Japan is reunited, however now that the forest had been burnt down by team France, there is no way to gather fruit to use in making the sweet bread. Their challenge is to bake yaktate croissant, but as revealed at the end of the previous episode, Azuma does not even know what a croissant is. Near the end of the episode, it is learned that the king and Kirisaki knew each other when the king was a child.

Then, it’s Azuma’s turn. That weird “desuyo” guy looks completely out of place in Yakitate!! Azuma’s newest Japan against his wtach line. The Panda Man Appears! Throughout the episode, there are constant mentions of this being the series’ last episode and the characters repeatedly question why they aren’t given more screen time. When epksode platoon of limousines full of black-suited shade-wearing men pulls up in front of Pantasia, Ken Matsushiro single-handedly takes them on when they attempt to storm the store, but the men fall back and bow when Kanmuri steps out.


Guess thats why we never see Kirisaki disappointed after losing several rounds in a row. Azuma is worried about whether the CMAP team will be all right after their transformation, as the children in the audience are treating them like giant stuffed toys. They present him with a scroll that has his father’s name on it. The object is to make the yakisoba not the bread. Kawachi experiences another mental breakdown in lack of confidence, watcch is told that to win, he must create a bread as good as Azuma’s It turns out that Mikhail Schukapper an F1 racer had tasted both finalist breads, and in his speech about his victories and life, he states that he preferred the Gopan to Azuma’s Japan.

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Mizuno also sets up a gamble in which if Kazuma loses to her, he will have to transfer to Mizuno’s new Tokyo Pantasia branch, however should Kazuma win, Mizuno has to begin respecting Tsukino as her older sister. The semi-finals match, Kanmuri vs. Pierre branch to a duel: This is Ja-pan 21! As well Japan’s opponent is France. It’s almost time for the final match of the Monaco Cup. Azuma serves Kuroyanagi his Gero Ja-pan: Conan then turns into Pierrot, and stumbles around drunkenly, revealing a dagger embedded in his back.

It is revealed that the final will consist of three one-on-one matches, with three themes, the clothing, food and shelter of bread.

The match takes place in the next episode, and it is revealed that Panda’s baking powder causes dough to puff out and burst multiple times.

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