Star Trek portal Fictional characters portal. When Rodek sees Worf, he asks him whether he is family. Worf warned him that this was a show of weakness but Alexander persisted. He was also a member of the Klingon delegation at Camp Khitomer. Martok asked Worf to be his first officer. Salia is at least an alien bear part-timer.

There is a cut where we hear Worf screaming, then the camera pans to him revealing he is screaming while the rest of him is at rest. Worf was a popular character, and there was some talk in the s of a Captain Worf series before the franchise went into the Trek re-boots. She was the first non-Klingon that Worf could “physically” be with in the traditional Klingon way, although it still left bruises, cuts and broken bones. Worf, seeing what restoring his family’s honor may cost, steps in and says he understands what he needs to do, that the only course of action for Worf is to accept a discommendation , tantamount to admitting his father’s guilt; in exchange, the knowledge of the proceedings, including Kurn’s true-bloodedness, will be undisclosed. Already prepared for such a tactic, Nero succeeds in surprising Worf by impaling him through the back with a large mechanical tentacle. They follow Klingon customs as first taught to them by Worf DS9:

Worf’s wearing red, and you know wardrobe people always getting basic when costuming for Robin Hood. Worf avoided romantic attachments with non-Klingons during his first few years on board the Enterprise -D.

When the Klingon forces suffer a crushing defeat, Worf agrees to Nero’s demand to board a shuttle and come on board the Narada. Is it a quintessential moment?

The next year, he was made Acting Chief of Security following the death of Tasha Yareven though discommebdation believed that a promotion due to the death of a comrade was not honorable TNG: Worf challenges this, but is told privately by the aging K’mpec Charles Cooperthe Klingon Chancellor, to drop the challenge and return to the Federation.

But, mostly, this is the set-up for the occasions when we see Worf and Jadzia actually bruised and bleeding, which is all the time, because their sex life is insane.


The Next Generation and the 17th episode of the third season. Worf was willing to consider the idea that Kahless was genuine because he believed the Klingons had lost their ways.

Janeway, Seven of Nine, and the Doctor. Picard brings Kahlest to court and bluffs that eppisode knows who the true traitor was, starting a heated dispute that is sure to end in needless bloodshed. Meanwhile, on board the Klingon ship, Worf is able to fend off the attackers until his brother’s ship arrives and the rebel ships disengage.

First SorfStar Djscommendation Yeah, they fridged her, but that’s an article for another time.

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But, yes, I am. Worf then meets with Gowron on his ship, offering the support of several Klingon warships in return discommendaiton the restoration of his family’s honor. Inhe was promoted to lieutenant TNG: Oh, and also Wesley falls in love with a girl named Salia, who may or may not also be an alien bear.

And, you know what, I do believe that “Qpid” contains In after returning from a tournament, Worf encountered a quantum fissure and began shifting into different realities. Insurrectionand Star Trek: Although Worf was raised by humans, he considered himself a Klingon at heart and studied the ways of his people. Worf believed Gowron was the legitimate ruler and convinced his brother to bring forces loyal to him into battle on Gowron’s behalf.

However, we live in this dark timeline where two episodes is all K’Ehleyr gets, so let’s talk about Worf some more, I guess Worf being a badass, Part 2 Video of Worf being a badass, Part 2. When she came aboard, Worf learned he had a son named Alexander.

Gowron was incited to go along with this arrangement when Worf threatened in private otherwise to oppose him publicly, which Gowron, still not fully in control of the Empire, could not afford.

He asked permission from Commander Riker to court Troi. Worf has a son named Alexander with a half-human half-Klingon woman named K’Ehleyr, a character introduced in ” The Emissary “, however she is later killed in ” Reunion “, a “sequel” to wotf episode and part of the Worf story arc, leaving Worf as a single parent.


Redemption, Part I

After the invasion had begun, Gowron traveled to DS9 to ask Worf to join him in battle. By joining the House of Martok, Worf’s status in the empire was restored albeit the House of Mogh remains stricken.

Her quick posting to DS9 led to a number of awkward moments between her and Worf, since the new host carried worr the memories of their former hosts but had its own distinct personality, despite their shared past.

The ship had suffered many losses to the Dominion, and morale was low. Enterprise out of the combat area rather than drag the Federation into a civil war.

Sins of the Father (Star Trek: The Next Generation) – Wikipedia

I believe it is. When Captain Data agrees, Worf is beamed back to the ship, giving the Narada time to fire on the Enterprise. When the symbiont’s health worsened, the Dax symbiont was implanted into a new worr named Ezri Daxwho was the assistant ship’s counselor. Worf’s parents were killed during a surprise attack by the Romulans on the Khitomer outpost. After Terran rebels take over Terok Nor, Worf tries to recapture the station but is defeated by the rebels who have a new ship based on the design of the Defiant from the prime universe.

And, oh, baby, do we get an important moment here. I don’t know if it’s quintessential yet as I’m typing this, but I love it so here we go As Gowron goads Worf about his divided dpisode, their ship is attacked by rebels loyal to the Duras family.

And film it, obviously, or else it doesn’t count. Beverly Crusher casually breaking down gender Clare McBride. I am not a Merry Man!

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