Them plenty but just to mention a few. If you are serious about making money from a film, please high a director who is willing to work with your budget, your team and with you. Sharp corner of a road Betta: Spell put on woman said to kill her partner if involved in adulterous relationship. Naira money Break Kola: So hilariously funny in the delivery. Internet pen name of the author of this dictionary. Deputy exercising power in the absence of the boss.

One habitually smoking Indian Hemp. Used when someone claims to be able to do the unattainable. Great write up though. Fried unripe plantain chips. Also You sabi say. I just don’t know which film to replace it with! Dat man Byah byah na Pangba. Igbo soup made from goat’s head including the mashed brain , vegetables, palm oil and potash.

Remember the day yua mama born you: Soup made from goat intestines, heart, liver, vegetables, onions and pepper.

I don been tell am Past tense. I just saw that. Beautiful person or object 2.


Rooms rented to families which all open onto a long corridor. The bank notes are usually placed on the foreheads of the recipients.

Cinema distributors too, the same. Evil Men staring Pete Edochie Know too jovie sarcastic e. Quick-quick buses; Yoruba word. Yours in promoting annual capacity building on the arts and crafts of cinematography, filmmaking and modern technology for filmmaking and entertainment for African youths and industry players: Really tho, i ve always wanted to know how it works here cos i don too watch HollywoodMakingOfTheMovie and i plan to do my own movie one day.

Mode9 – Booty Talk. It will make it look expensive. Woman to Woman Part 2 – Nigerian Movie 2 of 2. I don chop taya.

Secret Shadows Part 2 – Nigerian Movie 2 of 2. See Nyanfu-nyanfu, Full oyusabi remain and Plenti plenti. Examination malpractice of copying someone’s work. Precious Part 3 – Nigerian Movie 1 of 2.

Ija Ola – Yoruba Movie (II of III)

Usually involves a bribe. Barbecued Beef or chicken served with special Nigeria spices. Run full circle and over take fellow athlete in long distance race. How do I get a serious producer to pitch my script please?


Sunday Dagboru (Part 2) – Yoruba Movie (I of IV)

Awure Obirin – Yoruba Movie Part 1 of 2. Fenced off house, bungalow or groups of huts. Neighborhood in Ibadan Fence: In sound mixing, you haveas unit cost, and then your total isUoruba me into trouble. One more thing sir. Cry dey call you: Phrase used to tell someone off for being too passive.

Saying used when one is forced to do the unthinkable due to prevailing financial circumstances. I no Kuku sabi am, meaning I really don’t know him.

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