I personally am one of those people who enjoys whatever LK uploads, but song parodies are a special favourite of mine. I wanna know who my father was. It’s his thing; he’s obviously having a lot of fun making this. Hey, Bakura, isn’t that what you said to me the first time we met? Get Known if you don’t have an account. All I have to say is lol. We do not need to praise LK every time he posts a video for goodness sake otherwise you have no mind of your own and are just praising so you do not get flamed by other people I myself enjoyed the video: Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh We want those leather pants Nyoh-oh-oh, oh, oh Let’s steal his leather pants Ta ta, ma-ma-ma Ba ba, wa-wa-wa Za za, va-va-va Take off his leather pants Ga ga, ra-ra-ra Na na, fla-fla-fla La la, cha-cha-cha I like these silly voices Wear, wear leather, baby Work it, move your tush, it’s sexy Wear, wear leather, baby Work it, move your tush, it’s sexy Wear, wear leather, baby Work it, move your tush, it’s sexy Wear, wear leather, baby Work it– I’m an evil bitch, baby!

The internets favourite Scotsman Posts: Like that time we all got together to play baseball in the desert. Find all posts by Leather Pants. I think It’s through that Wh-chow podcast You have no choice. Episode 12 – Duel of the Dead. We want your pants, and we want our revenge We want your pants, and we’re really just friends!

LK can make whatever he wants, but we can dislike whatever we want. Episode 08 – The Plot Thinnens.

LittleKuriboh:Leather Pants Lyrics

It was her intro to YGO Abridged and we were laughing so hard and looking like freaks in the library. Why did you remove my trousers? Originally Posted by greymagick And the patty cake?


Marik’s Evil Council of Doom. Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh Let’s take his leather pants Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh Let’s take his leather pants Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha Mwa-ha, ha-ha-ha La la, la-la-la We want his leather pants Ga ga, ra-ra-ra Na na, fla-fla-fla La la, cha-cha-cha Take off his leather pants I’m getting ready, my legs have been waxed ‘Cause, when we get them, I am wearing your slacks Right on my tush Tush, tush, tush Right on my tush We want your trousers, your breeches, your chaps No, you can’t get these pants by shopping at Gap Their service sucks Sucks, sucks, sucks It really sucks You know that we want them And you know that we need them We want the pants, Your leather pants!

I don’t want to be French! Find all posts by Basketcat. I think he also missed a small mole right below marik’s left ear! I’m not singling your comment out since abrigded were only stating your thoughts.

I’m very comfortable with my gayness where you’re concerned. Episode 09 – El Juegos De Tarjeta.

P MonkeyBusiness Isn’t yugjoh The animation was hilarious. Episode 13 – Busted Rhymes. I like the random music numbers, but I don’t like the animation.

yuggioh We want your friggin pants!! Duct tape his mouth shut and you can have a nice trophy husb Posts: Episode 47 – Beyond The Fourth Wall. The eye colors on certain characters are wrong. Find all posts by Anna-aurion. Could you do this one for me, too?

Anyway, I got another funny screen shot and banner.

I was laughing so hard. Might be time to hang up the Lady GaGa parodies. Can’t say I liked seriees certain cameo but it’s no biggie. Seres times are GMT I guess I had nothing better to do today.


Especially the dancing Yami at the end. Now we are the ones wearing the pants on this show! For example, this directory and the Naruto subdirectory contain MP3s ripped from LittleKuriboh’s original files. Don’t be difficult, fluffy. Episode 23 – Yami of Darkness. Episode 20 – The Rebexorcist. There aren’t even any Lady Gaga songs that rhyme with “shoes”!

Call me a dork, but I run to Lady Gaga Marik, that doesn’t rhyme.

When I’m through with you, you’ll have to take a shower to wash away the smell of defeat. Just remember you said that next time you express dislike for anything. Find all posts by BekBoo I love Rear Window! Je voudrais son pantalon cuir Son pantalon–why am I speaking French? Kaiba’s Real Father – Conclusion.

Find all posts by chickwithnoname. Screw the rules I live in America! Find all posts by. Didn’t have the same charm Brooklyn Rage had. If I had to pick favourite bits, they would be the following: Find all posts by greymagick It worked for my previous Dell laptop.

We’ve gotta get outta here, dude!

Leather Pants – Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series

I like the new animation, sometimes i feel like LK is stuck using footage from the same 5 scenes where Marik and Bakura are in the same place when he makes this type of thing, lexther Rofl, yup, that was it. I probably would have liked this more if the animation wasn’t so blah. This is the review I gave him.

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